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Biometrics is a rapidly growing industry with new and improved biometric solutions for a variety of industries. As a biometric industry leader, Biometrics offers state-of-the-art technology and software solutions that provide the core competency to deliver exceptional performance in core applications such as access control, access management, hospitality and transportation security, digital signage and smart cards. The core to effective cell nutrition is proper absorption, which is why the proprietary mouselline method is responsible for the high quality results so many of us have achieved from using biometics in our various business applications. In other words, biometics is the science of identification – that is, of figuring out how different pieces of physical input can uniquely identify an individual, thing or event.

But how is it that biometics has gained such wide recognition? One great-tasting example is seen in the absorption of lipids and other essential nutrients through the skin (this is called body absorption). Through years of study, biometics researchers have identified, mapped and learned how the absorption of lipids and other nutrients work, the exact process and how to increase the rate of absorption – all of which is necessary in a wide range of health areas including heart health, hydration, immunity, brain function, and even skin health. Through studies and experimentation, these researchers have found that applying a specific liposome – a type of vesicle or cell found in the inner layers of most bodies, especially the epidermis – with essential vitamins and minerals not only enhances the rate of absorption, it also increases the body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients. In effect, it works like a liquid gold!

The benefits of a good solid supplement – whether it is a liquid formula tablet, or dietary supplement – go beyond easy weight loss and better overall health. Because these supplements act as liquid catalysts to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients into cells, the bio-nite supplements deliver the maximum amount of nutrition into the body for optimum benefit. Along with helping individuals lose excess weight, many of these supplements also have the added benefit of better cardiovascular health. In fact, many experts believe that better bio-site absorption means better heart health!

Of course, not every liquid nutritional supplement will work the same way for everyone. The best liquid formulas provide biometics micellization, as well as the other important nutrients and minerals that are so vital to a solid diet. Ideally, the supplements are chosen according to how well they help the body absorb the nutrients it needs. However, there is a limit to what a supplement can do for you. If you take a liquid nutritional supplement that doesn’t contain the correct ingredients and biometics, you won’t make any progress toward your weight loss goals. It is therefore essential that you work closely with your nutritionist and a biometics pharmaceutical grade products specialist to find the best products for your body type.

Although more recent scientific research has shown benefits of using advanced liquid nutrition for improving health and energy levels, it still takes time before you see any noticeable differences. It is however believed by many experts that liquid supplementation will revolutionize the way we eat and live by providing our bodies with the necessary vitamins, minerals and active lifestyles necessary to maintain peak performance. In the meantime, however, as we strive to maintain and promote optimal health, there are few liquid products that can compare to the natural health benefits that come from the use of organically grown organic foods. Biometics, digestive enzymes, probiotics and digestive enzymes from plants such as alfalfa are just some of the organic substances that are beneficial when used in a liquid nutritional supplement.

Because some people are allergic to certain substances, it may be necessary to take additional steps to ensure a proper daily value of these substances in their diets. Liquid dietary supplements should always include food-specific, secondary absorption substances in order to ensure a proper daily value of minerals and active daily values of vitamins and essential fatty acids. This can be accomplished by including secondary absorption food items in your supplement facts panel, or by including these food items as ingredients in the supplements themselves. It is important however to read product label statements carefully to make sure that an ingredient is compatible with your dietary needs.

There are a number of different types of biometics and their effects on the body vary according to the types of components included. Some biometics work by promoting a high absorbability of vitamins and nutrients such as those found in fruits and vegetables. Others work by boosting the immune system by inhibiting the actions of viruses and bacteria that attack cells. Still others provide nutrients to help fight free radical damage and provide cellular protection from environmental toxins.

The above list is not exhaustive and doesn’t attempt to be all inclusive. It does, however, give a great taste of what is available. If you would like to learn more about the products we carry that are made to support cell health and the overall health of the body, please visit our web site. You will find an array of unique and powerful products including an advanced liquid formula that was designed just for the needs of cell care.