Experts recommend that children visit orthodontists on their seventh birthday. Although most patients likely won't need orthodontic treatment this early, contacting an orthodontist can monitor your child and determine the right time to start treatment for the best results.

Although orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age, we have seen better results in previous years. This is because the jaw is still growing and responds well to tooth movement. You can also browse online to get information about general dentistry & orthodontic treatments in Laois.

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In some patients, treatment must be started before all permanent teeth have grown. This two-phase treatment consists of a treatment phase, followed by a follow-up period and an additional treatment phase to improve function and bite.

Orthodontists can spot problems when permanent teeth come in and then take initial action to correct crooked and misaligned teeth, and to keep or create space for permanent teeth to grow. Dentists can also correct bite problems by controlling the growth of the jaw and even reducing speech problems caused by jaw problems.

It is important for parents to remember that early intervention treatment does not mean that the child will not need additional work in the future. Conversely, early treatment can reduce the severity of additional treatment, because we hope that early treatment will reduce the complexity of all problems.

During the initial orthodontic treatment, partial braces or tools guide the developing jawbone, creating a better environment for permanent teeth. In many cases, if treatment continues until the jawbone stops growing, orthodontists can achieve results they cannot achieve.