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If you’re thinking of visiting Red Bay, Mississippi, there are several places you should not miss. These places include Point Mallard Park, Tishomingo State Park, the Ave Maria Grotto, and the RED BAY MISSISSIPPI Blues Museum.

Tishomingo State Park

Tishomingo State Park is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains about 45 miles northeast of Tupelo. This public park is an excellent place to enjoy nature. Its main feature is the Bear Creek Canyon, which is characterized by generous sandstone outcroppings.

For outdoor lovers, Tishomingo State Park is a great place to go hiking, rock climbing, and fishing. The park also offers cabins for overnight stays. This scenic park features unique landscapes and numerous waterfalls.

For history buffs, the Red Bay Museum features displays of the area’s past. Exhibits here include artifacts from the Bay Theater and the Red Bay Depot. The museum also features artifacts from Native Americans. The museum also has an entire floor dedicated to Tammy Wynette, the world-famous singer. It is located at 108 4th Avenue SE. It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 4:30 pm or by appointment. Admission is $2 or less for students.

The park also offers hiking trails, including the Bear Creek Outcropping Trail. It is rated for moderate difficulty. Visitors can also enjoy the playground and volleyball court. There is also a swimming pool at the park. If you have children, the park has a large playground, as well as a multi-use ballfield and a volleyball court.

Mississippi is home to several national historical sites. The region includes the Natchez National Historical Park, which preserves sites in the area. These sites provide a window into the region’s rich agricultural and commercial history. The park also includes sites related to cotton and slavery. The Natchez National Historical Park contains the William Johnson House and Fort Rosalie.

Ave Maria Grotto

If you’re looking for a unique tourist attraction, Ave Maria Grotto is the place to go. In 1931, it was dedicated. Brother Joe continued to build replicas until he passed away in 1961, rarely leaving his home state. Today, the grotto is home to over 125 replicas, ranging from Spanish Missions to German Castles and South African shrines.

The grotto’s name comes from the famous Catholic prayer, “Ave Maria.” The word “grotto” actually means “cave,” which makes it a unique location for a sacred space. In other countries, shrines are often constructed in caves, and the Ave Maria Grotto is no exception. The grotto itself is enormous by creation standards, standing 27 feet high and deep. It is decorated with stained glass and is built from the same limestone quarry.

The grotto is located at 1600 St. Bernard Avenue, and is home to several relics. One of them is St. Peregrine’s relic, which fell on the altar during the martyrdom of St. Pio in 1956. A visit to this grotto includes a litany, prayer, and blessing of the relic.

The grotto is a 375-acre shrine with many statues, candle shrines, and groves dedicated to saints. There’s a daily blessing with the relic of St. Faustina at 3pm, and 36 stained glass windows are also found within the building. It also has an image of Divine Mercy that was hand-carved in Italy. In addition, there’s a side chapel dedicated to Saint Faustina.

Point Mallard Park

Point Mallard Park is a large, fun-filled water park that was constructed in 1970. It boasts a huge waterpark with thrilling slides, a wave pool, and an amphitheater. The waterpark is open to the public during regular business hours and features several concessions. The park is a great place for families with children.

Besides enjoying the waterpark’s amenities, visitors can also sail through the sky on a zip line or play putt-putt golf on a 9-hole course. There is also a family-friendly campground located on the park’s property.

The park also has a museum, where visitors can learn about the area’s history and culture. Visitors can meet artists and get a glimpse of the local culture. You can also take a guided tour of the park’s historic home.

Another great place to visit in Red Bay, Mississippi is the Red Bay Aquatic Center. This park offers a whirlpool, two water slides, and an interactive splash pad. The park also has a skateboard ramp and a kids’ play area. The park is also home to cabanas that can be rented for the day. There are also picnic tables where you can enjoy the fresh air and shaded areas.

Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard

A ten-mile stretch of barely-paved one-and-a-half-lane road winds through 1,000 acres of untouched landscape. The cemetery is not on the way anywhere else, and the feeling here is one of secluded isolation. Even the road’s name is a tidbit of history. In the midst of such a graveyard, you will see many markers in varying styles and materials, ranging from the traditional to more unique.

The cemetery contains the graves of more than 300 dogs. The dogs are of different breeds, including coonhounds. The cemetery is located off Highway 247. Its address is 4945 Coon Dog Cemetery Road. You should stop by this cemetery if you visit Red Bay, Mississippi.

Key Underwood, a coon hunter, started the cemetery in 1937. His coon dog, Troop, was buried there. The two were close friends and hunted together for 15 years. Soon after, other coon hunters started to bury their beloved coon dogs in the cemetery. Today, there are over two hundred coonhounds buried here.