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A chatbot is basically a program used to run an instant on-line chat session via text-to Speech, instead of giving direct contact to an actual live human operator. The chatbot acts as a sort of human assistant that enables you to chat with friends and colleagues in real time over the Internet, just like you would be able to chat to them face to face. You can also use a website chat bot for this purpose. There are many advantages of using a chat bot – some of them being:

chat bot

* Ease of Use – Chat bots make it really easy to chat with friends and prospects without having to learn any complicated computer lingo. All you have to do is speak the bot name which is assigned to you during registration. Once you have chosen your bot, all you have to do is start typing. Your chatbot will automatically reply to whatever you type. It’s very easy!

* Convenience – Another big advantage of website chat bots is that they make online chat more convenient for visitors to your website. Visitors can chat with their prospects in real time, without having to leave their current session. They don’t even have to wait for a friend’s help because they can do all of the talking themselves! This means that visitors will always feel welcome at your website, and that your sales will go up significantly.

* Ease of activation – The chat bot is fully automated, and therefore, very easy to set up and activate. There is no need for you to manually add it to your list of chat users or create relevant channels or threads. All you need to do is configure its settings and it will begin searching for contacts to send responses to. There are no complicated steps involved!

* Better response – It has been proven that most of the people who chat online with prospects are impressed by chat Bots. They are impressed because most of them believe that the “people” they are chatting with are real people. This is mainly due to the fact that chat bots have a much better response time, compared to live chat interface. This means that you can get faster results, which means that more prospects will respond to your messages.

* Instant Result – Most marketers who are trying to generate new leads are quite happy with the results that they get from chatbot. Most of these marketers use a pre-written script, which they paste into the chatbox of their website. The script contains their offer and contact information, so when someone clicks on the link, the bot sends out a message containing the link. When the user searches for the contact information in the search engine, they will find the bot’s contact information and be able to make a purchase.

* Knowledge Base – A lot of users believe that chatbot provides with some sort of knowledge base. This knowledge base is usually available to the visitors of the website. This knowledge base usually contains the most recent upgrades and newest products available on the market. Based on the sales converted by the chatbot during the last hour, you will know the products which generated the highest sales conversion rate. Based on the kind of visitors who visited the website, you can also determine the keywords and key phrases which were used by the visitors to land on your website.

With all these, you can easily conclude that chat bots are efficient and work almost like a virtual assistant. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any money just to set up your chat bot and start earning money through the prizes won during the prize contest. You can easily set up the chat bot on your website and wait for the magic to happen.