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If you own an AirBnB rental property, you need to be sure your property is clean. Thankfully, there are a few tools to help you check if your property is clean before guests arrive. In addition, you can now use a new tool to check the status of your guests. Plus, there’s a new cleaning checklist, and a 72-hour buffer between stays.

Enhanced cleaning protocol

Airbnb recently launched its enhanced cleaning protocol, which is a set of five-step guidelines for cleaning properties. These guidelines were developed in collaboration with leading medical hygiene experts and hospitality leaders. They aim to provide a comprehensive, standardized cleaning process for home sharing listings.

Airbnb said that the new rules would help ensure the quality of its listings. It said they would also allow the company to better meet consumer demand.

The company’s new enhanced cleaning protocol is designed to help ensure safety and cleanliness for both hosts and guests. The five-step procedure includes specific cleaning instructions, cross-contamination prevention and recommendations for effective cleaning supplies. This guide is the first standardized cleaning policy for the home-sharing industry.

Airbnb’s Enhanced Clean program was developed in cooperation with leading experts in the medical and hospitality fields, including former US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. As part of its commitment to protecting health and well-being, the company is requiring hosts to follow these guidelines.

New tool to check guests’ COVID-19 status

Airbnb, the online home sharing company, is introducing a new COVID-19 status check tool to improve the safety of their community. The tool is currently voluntary, though it’s likely that hosts will need to make an announcement to their guests about the new tool. In addition, the tool will likely evolve and change over time. As a result, hosts will have to keep up with the latest and greatest COVID-19 information.

There are a number of COVID-19-related tools and services available on the web. One of the more interesting is the ClearPass Certificate. While it does not provide granular information, it does display a person’s Covid vaccine status. Another is the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate. These certificates are designed to display the triumvirate of a guest’s name, address, and vaccination status.

A number of other tools are being developed and tested. One in particular, the “Airbnb health tool,” is a laudable initiative that is based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidance and local agency requirements.

72-hour buffer between stays

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol is a new feature of Airbnb. This initiative requires hosts to adhere to a strict five-step cleaning process. It’s designed to improve the safety of your guests.

The new feature isn’t mandatory, but many hotels and vacation rental providers are adopting enhanced cleaning protocols as part of their own safety efforts. For example, Chinese food delivery company Safe Stay Hotels has launched safe-stay hotels and restaurants.

Hosts will also be required to follow the CDC’s guidelines for airborne coronavirus. Currently, the CDC recommends waiting at least 24 hours after checking out before entering an infected space.

In response to these new guidelines, Airbnb is rolling out two different programs for hosts. These programs are the Booking Buffer and the Cleaning Protocol.

With the cleaning protocol, all hosts must wait at least 24-hours before entering a room that has been infected. In addition to cleaning, hosts will be required to use disinfectant products and wash their linens on high heat.

Cleaning checklist

The best way to get your Airbnb property in shape is by creating a cleaning checklist. This list will give you the tools to keep your vacation rental looking clean, so your guests will feel comfortable staying there.

Creating a cleaning checklist for your Airbnb property will help you stay organized and take the guesswork out of cleaning. It will also reduce the possibility of receiving complaints from guests.

Create a detailed checklist for each room in your vacation rental. A clean, aesthetically pleasing property will increase the likelihood of good reviews from your guests.

Keep your cleaning checklist in a location where it will be easily accessible. If you have a professional cleaner working for you, use the checklist to ensure they know exactly what to do.

The Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is a new program that was created by Airbnb with leading experts in hospitality and medical hygiene. Hosts can enroll in the program by taking a quiz and agreeing to follow the five-step enhanced cleaning process. In return, they will receive a special callout on the listing page. Also, if they follow this protocol, they will be able to add the special “committed to clean” badge to their listing.