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If you’re looking for storage solutions, Ikea has a wide variety of options to choose from. From stylish storage bins to innovative cupboard inserts, these products are durable and inexpensive. Whether you’re looking to organize your closet or your office, IKEA has the right solutions to fit your needs.


Ragrund is an example of a piece of furniture that you can purchase from IKEA. It has a low front and high back. The design of Ragrund also allows you to place a rack below it for your towels. This piece of furniture matches other items in the Ragrund collection, such as a RAGRUND toilet roll stand and mirror.

The RAGRUND series includes a variety of bamboo furniture and other home accessories. Many of these products are designed to fit into corners or under washbasins. Many of the pieces have clever ideas, such as the chair that doubles as a towel rack. Other items include a mirror that features knobs so you can hang your jewelry.


Whether you’re using it for your kitchen, office, or study, IKEA’s SKADIS pegboard will help you organize and store your accessories. These simple yet functional pegboards are easy to mount on a wall or tabletop. The SKADIS board has a mounting rail made from metal, and comes with different types of wall fasteners.

A SKADIS pegboard offers a multitude of uses, and the various accessories available can be customized to fit your specific needs. The pegboard can be installed in various rooms, including a walk-in closet. You can place accessories anywhere on the board, and they’re simple to move around. The pegboard also features clear storage containers for different items.

Whether you need to store kitchen supplies, craft supplies, or yarn, the SKADIS series can help you stay organized. You can choose from 4 different colours of SKADIS holders to suit your individual storage needs. A SKADIS also allows you to easily thread spools.

The SKADIS pegboard also works great for displaying jewelry. The specially designed hooks will help you keep your pieces organized and free from tangles. The SKADIS also has hooks for headphones and controllers.

IKEA’s Korken

The KORKEN is an air-tight, clear glass storage container. It is ideal for serving beverages and preserving items like cookies. The airtight seal helps keep the contents fresh and crispy. It can also be used to store pickles. This glass container can keep up to three liters of liquid or 20 pounds of cookies.

IKEA’s Korken is highly portable and versatile. It is the perfect container for preserving and displaying your home-made foods. The glass jars are made of high-quality glass, which will preserve the food’s freshness. Moreover, they will keep all the flavour. Aside from drinking, you can also store fruits and nuts in them. The glass container has a diameter of 4.75″ and weighs 1.44 pounds.

Another great thing about IKEA’s Korken is its eco-friendliness. The company’s zero-waste policy means that the products are made from materials that are recyclable. Many of its products are also free of plastic. This helps create a more sustainable world. IKEA aims to purchase all of its major materials from sustainable sources by 2020.

IKEA’s Trofast

TROFAST is a storage combination that is designed for children. It is made from sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes. It comes in white or orange, and is 99x44x56 cm. It can be placed on a shelf, counter, or in an open space. It comes with an adjustable shelf and two hooks for hanging clothes.

Trofast’s bins are perfect for kids’ clothes and are also easy to organize. Children can easily identify the days of the week on the bins. They can also be used for window storage or as a reading nook. The bins can be removed whenever you need more space. This storage system is great for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms. It can also double as a desk. In this way, it can help your child learn to count and do other activities.

If you want to customize the TROFAST, you can buy extra-large tubs and put different decorations on them. Some designers like to put domino-style circle decals on the tubs. Another great idea is to use a TROFAST tub as a mini children’s table or desk. Then, you can attach a sturdy wood board across the top and add a chair to complete the look.

IKEA’s Kallax

IKEA’s Kallax is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. With the addition of a few simple accessories, you can turn your Kallax into anything you’d like. One blogger, Rebecca Anderson, turned a KALLAX shelf into a charming home bar. She paired the cabinet with a pair of IKEA BESTA units for the bottom half. She also added some paint, diamond contact paper, and hairpin legs to give it a mid-century modern look.

The shelf itself is made up of thirteen-inch cubbies that can be arranged in different ways. The individual shelves can hold up to 29 pounds, and the top shelf can accommodate up to 55 pounds. Made from Fiberboard, Particleboard, and Acrylic Paint, the Kallax shelf is also made with a 100% recycled honeycomb structure paper filling. This environmentally friendly design is supposed to be easy to transport and assemble, and it comes with a full assembly guide.

The Kallax series can be adapted to serve as a bookshelf, sideboard, TV stand, and kitchen island. The basic cube shelving unit is available in several sizes, and can be customized to suit your particular needs and decor. You can also use it as a storage unit to hold a variety of different items, and you can even add extra pieces to add more storage space.

IKEA’s Raskog

The Raskog is a versatile storage system that’s perfect for a wide variety of uses. It’s perfect for holding your sewing machine on top, and can also double as a storage area for all your cleaning and pantry items. It’s also great for organising your baby’s clothes and changing area.

It’s not only practical for storing things, but also makes a great kitchen island on wheels. The Raskog utility cart is designed in two parts, an upper and lower section. Bob left out the lower section, and assembled the upper section following the IKEA assembly guide.

The Raskog is available in several colors. You can choose from white, black, or a mint shade. It’s made of steel, making it just as sturdy as its The Range counterpart. It’s also more versatile, with the middle shelf being adjustable to accommodate a variety of storage needs.

The Raskog is a versatile piece of furniture that is perfect for both residential and business use. A creative person can customize it to match their needs, from a desk to an art cart. You can use magnets, stickers, or paintings to add a personal touch to your space.

IKEA’s Hemnes

The IKEA Hemnes Home Organization system is a versatile storage system that works well in a variety of home environments. Its tilt-out doors and wide storage shelves make it ideal for organizing just about anything. It can solve common problems, such as an overcrowded closet, overflowing electronics, and no place to store gift wrap supplies.

From decorative storage items to functional and multifunctional storage solutions, IKEA has everything you need to create a more organized home. With a new year, there’s no better time to organize your home with new storage solutions. If you’re looking for new storage ideas, you can browse through IKEA’s beautiful images to get some inspiration.

From kids’ stuff to family items, IKEA has solutions for any room in the home. From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms, IKEA has a solution for every situation. And because their organization solutions are so versatile, you can find the right product to fit the style of your home.