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An island dresser can be a great way to organize your walk-in closet. These beautiful pieces keep your bags within reach while allowing you to see what’s inside. Choose a design that suits your style and is functional. You can also use curved shelves to display your favorite things.

Custom-built closet island with bench

A bench in your walk-in closet can be both a functional and stylish solution to seating needs. Not only does it provide additional seating, but a closet island can also serve as a multifunctional storage solution. Added storage can include pull-out shelves and organizers for your lingerie.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to custom closet islands. Many can include built-in seating for a little extra space, or you can choose a design that folds down when not in use. A bench adds comfort and style to your closet, and you can even add a wine fridge or a pop-up television if you like.

A closet island is essential for preparing and storing your clothing. It provides a convenient surface for preparing outfits and folding laundry. Closet islands can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, glass, and granite. A built-in bench is also a great feature, as it will provide extra seating for dressing. A built-in bench may also have drawer space beneath it, which is useful for organizing smaller items.

While a custom-built closet island can be customized to suit your unique needs, it is recommended that it be built in a room with adequate space. The total height of the shelves and drawers should be at least 36 inches, and the countertop should be 40 to 45 inches high. Remember that closet islands typically take up more space than you expect them to. Always remember to leave enough room to walk around the island to access any items in the shelves or drawers.

While custom-built closet islands do require additional space, they are a great way to maximize storage space and add a display area for small accessories. Typically, closet islands require at least a 12 by 13 foot space and a minimum of 36 inches to walk around. If you do not have this amount of room, you can also consider a one-sided island or a modified version of an island.

If you want a closet island to hold shoes, consider a built-in model with a few drawers. This will provide a place for your shoes while avoiding the hassle of removing shoes. If you aren’t ready to pay for a custom-built model, you can buy a cheap shoe cabinet at IKEA, which also has a drawer for smaller items. You can even customize the design of the shoe rack with a quartz or granite slab or a hinged wood top for additional storage.

Open shelving

Open shelving for walk-in closets can be a great way to increase the amount of storage space in a small space. Instead of using closed racks to store your clothes, open shelving allows you to use the vertical space instead. Consider using storage drawers for your shoes. Another way to utilize vertical space is to use pull-out shelves for your jewelry. You can also add an adjacent sconce to lighten up your walk-in closet.

Another option for open shelving in a walk-in closet is to combine the open shelving with modular cabinets. These are best for storing smaller items. The see-through material also makes it easier to locate the items you’re looking for. A combination of open shelving and movable storage units is also an excellent way to maximize the vertical space in a walk-in closet. In this case, you’ll be able to store shoes, handbags, and other items that take up valuable space.

Alternatively, you can choose between slatted shelves and wood shelves. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Wire shelves are often durable and can hold everyday items. They are usually a classic white color and are available in adjustable models. However, slatted shelves aren’t as versatile and may not work for storing smaller items.

You can also consider painting your walk in closet a bright color. This will brighten up your space and make it appear more spacious. White-painted cabinets don’t have doors, but they do separate the space for hanging clothes from the open shelves. In addition, open shelving limits the height of the open shelves, and it is not fully enclosed.

The ideal walk-in closet should be stylish and relaxing. It should also have plenty of storage and a bench that can help you put on and take off your shoes. Adding a built-in bench can make the space more comfortable, and open shelving is also a great option for maximizing floor space. Another great feature is an extra-large island. This extra-large space can also be used for folding your clothes.


Island dryers are an ideal addition to walk-in closets. They allow users to put on and remove clothes while still having ample room for other things. They also prevent the need to bend over when getting things out of the drawer. This is a great benefit for those who suffer from mobility issues.

Valet bar

A closet island can be a great place to keep accessories. It also serves as a comfortable place to sit and switch shoes or fasten jewelry. You can add a full-length mirror to check your ensemble from sitting or standing. Full-length mirrors make your closet a true changing room.

Valet bars can be installed inside or outside of cabinets. They maximize space and provide a convenient place to hang ironed clothes and hang wardrobe. They can also be useful in the laundry room. Others choose to install them in their garage. These bars are a great addition to a closet.

Adding a valet rod to your closet is an excellent way to make it easier to find the perfect outfit each morning. There are many features to consider when selecting a valet rod. Some valet rods are telescoping and can be extended as needed. Another great feature of a valet rod is the peg hooks. These are great for hats, belts, and purses. A telescoping valet rod extends to 9.5 inches and can hold up to 50 pounds. Some valet rods are also concealed to provide a clean look and feel.