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There are several different methods to achieve laser hair removal. Many people get confused and end up in the wrong solution for their hair-removal needs. There are several different types of laser hair removal. Some of these options include, Swedish, Dry laser, Light Therapy, Masking, and Heat Energy. The good news is that now with modern laser hair removal technology you can finally have the hair-free, smooth skin you’ve always dreamed about all year round no more razor blades or hot waxes!

laser hair removal

When looking into laser hair removal for men, women, or even children it’s important to understand how each treatment works. First you must choose the right treatment option. For women there are three types of treatments, all performed by specialists. These three types are Anagen Hair Removal, Electrolysis, and Epilation.

Anagen Hair Removal: With the use of a medical grade laser anagen hair removal treatments target the root cause of alopecia, or hair loss. Unlike most other laser hair removal treatments the follicle does not grow new hair; it simply becomes damaged. This treatment can be performed on almost any part of the body and good candidates will see good results after only one treatment.

Electrolysis: An old method of removing unwanted hair electrolysis utilizes the same technology as the laser, but instead of destroying the follicle through laser light it destroys the hair fiber itself. Patients must be carefully selected to ensure they do not suffer from heart defects, burn wounds, or diabetes. Once electrolysis is performed the hair is gone for good. However, because of the cost of this treatment many patients will continue to experience hair growth for a time. If cost is an issue you may want to check into an indy laser.

Laser Treatment: The process of laser hair removal does not require laser treatments; however, a laser is used during the treatment to help improve results and speed up recovery. This procedure works best on dark hair and skin tones. After the treatment the treated area will be sensitive and reddish in color. Shaving is often recommended to help reduce recovery time and allow faster treating of the treated area.

Waxing: Like electrolysis laser hair removal can be done with or without laser treatment. An electrolysis treatment is best for lighter facial hair and is performed by a licensed esthetician. This procedure involves applying a solution to the skin where the unwanted hair is; then a cloth applicator is used to apply the wax. Areas that respond faster to treatment are usually topically treated first, then the wax is applied using a cloth applicator. This is generally considered a better alternative to shaving.