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If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Beech Grove, Indiana, you have many options. This small city is located in Marion County and is home to a population of 14,192. It is part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area. There are several churches, parks, and even a railroad repair facility.

Beech Grove is a small town with a large population

While Beech Grove, Indiana, is a small town, it still has a surprisingly large population. With a population of 14,898 people, it is a growing city. In fact, it has experienced a 6.5% growth rate since the year 2020. The small town’s small size makes it an appealing choice for those who want to live near the action without sacrificing a small town feel.

The town is six miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis. Before its growth, the town was a quiet farming community. The area is home to the first church and school, Wesley Chapel, which was founded in 1837. In 1868, a railroad arrived in Beech Grove and built a shipping spur. The old-growth trees in the area were the inspiration for the town’s name.

Beech Grove is home to a railroad shop that was the largest in the world two years after its opening. It had the capacity to service up to 48 engines at a time. As the railroad shops expanded, the town grew and developed into a thriving business district. In 1914, the town opened a hospital, the St. Francis Hospital, which became one of the largest employers in the town.

The town is located at an elevation of 766 feet above sea level. The town is also near a waterway called Beech Creek, which flows through the town. Beech Creek feeds the Lick Creek, which in turn feeds into the West Fork of the White River.

In 1906, the area was platted by the Beech Grove Improvement Company, which engaged in purchasing real estate. Beech Grove became an incorporated town and had a town board government until 1935. It then became a fourth class city in 1961.

It has a number of parks

Beech Grove is a quaint, small town that offers several different parks and recreation areas. The town was founded in 1906 when the New York Central Railroad purchased 640 acres for a locomotive shop and equipment plant. As workers flocked to the area to build the shops, cottages began to appear. Today, Beech Grove is the home of Amtrak business car 10001, named after the town.

The city of Beech Grove has several parks that feature clean picnic shelters, playgrounds, creeks, and towering shade trees. Many of the parks also feature volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball fields. Some even have skateboarding areas. There are also several public tennis courts available, and the nearby Beech Grove High School is home to the town’s athletic department.

The city has a Masonic Lodge. The town was home to one of President Harry S. Truman’s visits during his famous ‘whistle stop’ reelection campaign. The president also attended a ceremony that involved a member of his staff.

Beech Grove’s elevation is approximately 766 feet above sea level. Beech Creek feeds into Lick Creek and the West Fork of the White River. It also contains several small non-navigable waterways. The city is home to a number of parks, including Beech Grove Park and the Franciscan Trail.

Beech Grove’s history goes back to the late nineteenth century. In 1914, the Beech Grove hospital opened. The hospital’s capacity to service 48 locomotives at a time was impressive. As a result, the community continued to grow and develop. The city’s Main Street developed into a thriving business district. In 1914, the town’s largest employer was St. Francis Hospital.

It has a number of churches

Beech Grove is home to several churches and is a popular place to attend church. Its history dates back to 1906, when the New York Central Railroad bought 640 acres to build a $5 million locomotive and equipment plant. As workers moved to the area to work on the shops, cottages were built. In fact, the city was named after one of the Big Four railroad cities: Chicago, Cleveland, and St. Louis.

The community is home to several churches, including the Southwood Baptist Church. It also has numerous community organizations, including a Boy Scout troop. Beech Grove has an active 4-H Club chapter, as well as Girl Scout and Brownie Troop units.

Beech Grove is located at an elevation of 766 feet above sea level. It contains several small non-navigable waterways. The Beech Creek and the Lick Creek feed into the West Fork of the White River. In addition to the churches, Beech Grove has several parks and playgrounds.

Beech Grove has a public library. The library is a branch of the Indianapolis Public Library. Prior to the merger, the city maintained its own library. The Indianapolis and Beech Grove public libraries merged in April 2016. On June 1, 2016, the Beech Grove branch became the 23rd branch of the Indianapolis Public Library system.

It has a railroad repair facility

Beech Grove, Indiana is a small town in Marion County, Indiana, approximately four miles south of Indianapolis. The town was incorporated in 1906 and was initially a rural section of the county. Its name comes from the large number of beech trees that are located throughout the community. Today, the town is home to a railroad repair facility.

Although Amtrak has made an initial commitment to keep its repair shop in Beech Grove, the future of the railroad has never been clear. A lack of funding for Amtrak has led to numerous proposals to eliminate the program. Additionally, a House appropriations bill has proposed drastic cuts to the railroad. This may make Beech Grove’s repair shops too expensive to continue.

The town of Beech Grove was originally a rural area, but after a banker convinced a major railroad company to build a shipping facility, the town began to grow and develop. Today, it is home to Amtrak’s heavy-duty repair shop. The town also boasts a Steve McQueen collection at its Public Library. The collection is based on the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive, which aired from 1958 to 1961. Another highlight is Beech Grove High School’s basketball team, which won the state championship in 2003. The high school has also had great success in wrestling.

The Beech Grove railroad repair facility employs more than 550 people and refurbishes around 165 locomotives and passenger cars each year. The workforce is made up of people from all over the Indianapolis metropolitan area, as well as northern Kentucky.

It has a labyrinthine antique mall

The labyrinthine antique mall in Beech Grove, Indiana, offers something for every antique lover. There are more than 100 antique dealers and 10 stores. Overall, these establishments have an average grade of 7.9. Whether you’re looking for a particular brand or a variety of items, you can find it in Beech Grove.