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The Greatest TV Shows of all time are ranked by Rolling Stone. Let’s take a look at their Top Picks, the Others, and the Characters. Then, vote for your favorite ones! In the comments, share your favorites and why you think they deserve to be in the Top 100!

Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest TV shows

A panel of critics, actors, and showrunners compiled Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest TV shows of all time. The Sopranos topped the list, with “Friends” coming in second place. “Breaking Bad” came in third. “The Simpsons” rounded out the top five. “The West Wing” ranked 46th.

The top three are unlikely to spark much controversy. While there were some surprising choices on the list, the top three shows are likely to be favorites of many people. The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones are among the most beloved shows of all time. However, there is a catch: Rolling Stone omitted shows with major stars.

While there are many great television shows starring actors and actresses, there’s something particularly captivating about a TV doctor. There are countless great doctor shows, but ER is arguably the most influential, with its vivid depiction of the chaos and tragedy that can be found in the emergency room.

Top picks

When it comes to television shows, there are a lot of great ones. Doctors have long been considered part of the holy trinity, and the ER was a mid-Nineties juggernaut that captured the chaos and tragedy of an emergency room.

Others on list

The Tonight Show Starring Johny Carson, a late-night talk show, debuted on NBC on October 1, 1962 and ran until May 22, 1992. It was ranked as number 12 on TV Guide’s list of the Greatest TV shows of all time. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, an American supernatural drama television series, is based on the 1992 movie of the same name. Buffy Summers, a young woman who battles demons, vampires, and monsters, is the main character of the series. The show was critically acclaimed and received four to six million viewers per episode.

The Shield, starring Michael Chiklis, was a hit on basic cable and was an instant success. It was anti-war, while acknowledging the atrocities of war and the military-industrial complex, and featured plenty of romance, wit, and character studies. The series was so popular that it remained in the top 20 for over a decade.

Doctor Who, British science fiction television series, follows the adventures of a Time Lord called the Doctor, who travels through time in a time machine known as the TARDIS. It has been hailed as one of Britain’s best television programs, and has been honored with numerous awards including the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series in 2006.

The Office, British comedy series, starring Steve Carell as inept office boss Michael Scott, is another hit on this list. Both versions are based on the same premise, though both have different characters. NBC’s series has more episodes than its British counterpart.

Number of episodes on list

In the early days of television, westerns were huge and several series ran for hundreds of episodes. “Bonanza” focused on life on the Ponderosa Ranch, and ran from 1959 to 1973, netting 431 episodes. Another favorite was “Ozzie and Harriet.” The show was based on a real family, the Nelsons, and ran for 435 episodes.

“CSI” is another show that lasted for several decades and spawned three spinoffs. The series shaped the way people view forensic science, and its longevity fueled many spinoffs. “Dallas” is another primetime soap that is no slouch, either. Though it doesn’t have the cult following of “CSI,” it has an impressive 344 episodes.

A show that was based on a 1994 film, “Stargate” made its debut on Showtime and later moved to Syfy. It portrayed a team of military personnel who travel to different universes. The show’s lead character, Col. Jack O’Neill, was played by Richard Dean Anderson. The show earned eight Emmy nominations throughout its run. Another show that earned multiple nominations for Outstanding Drama Series was “The Wire.”

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” was the most critically acclaimed series of all time. It was a critically acclaimed show and became the most popular cable show in the U.S. It also earned a number of awards, including nine Emmys.