Some people are not aware that the ranking signals of search engines are changing. It is no longer enough to use single link building strategies: website and social media integration need to be implemented in the site and the whole marketing plan.

Below you will find some simple tips to increase traffic and visitor engagement while providing quality content.

Google+ Integration

You might have heard about the power of Google+ pages, but they are really useless unless you use the same keywords as your site on the description. Make sure that you create a "second shop front" on your business page, as some visitors will not land on your main page, instead, connect through Plus pages. 

Facebook Pages

If you do not have a company Facebook page yet, you are missing out. If you choose the name and keywords correctly, you are going to get plenty of visitors, provided that you are providing useful information. The rule of search engine optimization is the same for Facebook pages as the main site: unique, quality content that engages the audience is needed to find new customers. 

Link Building through Social Media

Most of the major autoresponder services have their widgets designed to be implemented not only on your main site but your Facebook account as well. This will help you build your list faster and more effectively. Further, you can add a signup link to your social media accounts to encourage people to connect with you.

All re-tweets, likes, and shares will help you get more traction in search engines. Even if your main site does not rank the first page for your keywords, your local Google+ or Facebook page might. Implement the above changes above and you will see increased traffic and visitor engagement.