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The latest online marketing trend is the usage of facebook messenger chat bots for advertising purposes. In particular, Facebook Messenger chat Bots. Big businesses have been discussing the idea of having Facebook Messenger Bot advertisements on their pages for quite some time. A few months ago there was actually talking about discussing the same topic at a meeting for credit card companies.

These bot programs or software programs allow businesses to interact with their clients or customers. Each one of these programs has different capabilities that you can choose from. To start with, a good example of a facebook messenger bot is the fan page feature. This allows the business owner to create an attractive page with different images and videos related to their business. This creates a nice platform where the user can interact with the customer directly. The messages or posts by the customer are saved in the user’s account which gives the owner an opportunity to engage the customer and get feedback.

Businesses can also make use of their facebook messenger bots for web browsing. They are able to provide their visitors with the latest information regarding the company, products or services by just posting a link. This makes the user feel that he/she is visiting the real site of the business. There are many other applications that a business owner can create using this particular feature. They can either create an application to provide news blurbs, or even a news reader.

This is just one of the many ways by which businesses can use their messenger bots for better customer service. It also enables them to reach out to their global audience by interacting with them directly. Messenger Bots provide chat functions and inbound messaging to enhance both the incoming and outgoing communication. Incoming messages are visible only to the people whom the bot has chosen to share it with. Messages left by the bot on the other part of the world will be sent back to the owner of the account.

Facebook Messenger Bot offers its users a number of conveniences. Apart from making online interaction easier, it helps in increasing the brand awareness of the business too. The Facebook Messenger Bot enables business owners to interact with their customers directly. It helps in getting feedback about the products or services that are being provided by the organization. By providing the customers with answers to their queries through voice or text, the business owners are able to improve their products or services and thus attract more customers to their door steps.

However, there is a downside to all this. While the bot improves the level of interaction between the business and their customers, they may also cause the users to lose their privacy. While the users do not have to worry about their personal information being exposed through facebook messenger chat bots, they are at the same time not protected from hackers. In order to avoid these problems and increase the level of safety of its users, businesses should take care of few things.

The Facebook Messenger Bot was developed as a Facebook application, but businesses should make sure that the developer used cookie based identity to protect their clients’ information. Apart from this, businesses should also make it a point that the bot uses “off-the-shelf” data from facebook like chat ID’s and contact list to operate properly. It is also important to choose a web hosting company that uses a secure server to run the bot like chat bot, as this will reduce the risk of private information falling into wrong hands. A web hosting company that also offers backup of data will be helpful for any business that regularly deals with large amount of data.

There are many e-commerce websites that use facebook messenger chat bots for customer support. These web stores have to deal with millions of customers, so it is quite obvious that the bot API’s have to be customized according to the specific needs of each client. The most common types of customizations include changing chat color, adding or removing icons, adding and editing text formatting, hiding the chat box or menu, hiding the menu bar etc. Businesses need to ensure that they get the best possible API’s to maximize their customer satisfaction and improve productivity. It is very important to look into all these factors before opting for a particular web host company for running bot API’s.