Nobody ever said that providing IT support to customers was easy. CTOs and IT managers find themselves between a rock (their budget) and a tough place (their customers). How can IT offer consistently high customer service to achieve high IT customer satisfaction?

Solution – How to identify and understand the visible and hidden costs of inefficient IT support and customer service

One of the most effective ways to determine the visible and hidden costs of inefficient IT support in Grand Rapids and customer service is to conduct IT customer satisfaction surveys and take action on the survey results. 

Conduct IT customer satisfaction surveys with a simple process to analyze results, share survey results with internal or assigned managers and employees, create SLAs, improve IT service levels create and implement action plans, then conduct ongoing IT surveys. / routine to measure progress and continue to take action to continually improve service levels. 

A well-designed IT customer survey contains inquiries about all in-house and/or outsourced IT services available to your company's employees, including help desks, support desks, application support, and other IT services.

 IT surveys identify costly recurring IT problems, problems with deadlines, the inability of IT staff to diagnose and resolve problems, impact on IT customer performance, and other critical issues.