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There are a lot of things to do in Pecos, New Mexico. Whether you are interested in history, fishing, or Ranger-led tours, this town has something for you. The Pecos Visitors Center offers a 12-minute video introduction to the town’s history. The video is narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Greer Garson. The Pecos Visitors Center also has an excellent museum, displaying a range of artifacts from the Ancestral Pueblo.

Pecos National Historical Park

If you’re in the mood for a day of history and exploration, head to the Pecos National Historical Park near Santa Fe. The park is home to archaeological ruins dating back to prehistoric times. It also features a Spanish mission and the walls of Pecos Pueblo. A guided tour of the park is available for visitors.

Besides historic sites, there are many other things to do in Pecos. The small town is located in a lush mountain forest and is near a 16th-century mission. There are many hiking trails and outdoor activities, and you can also tour art studios and rent a cabin.

Pecos is also home to the Pecos Pueblo Museum. Here, you can learn about the town’s colorful history and the intersection of various cultures. You can take a guided tour or explore the museum on your own. You can also tour the Spanish church, which is one of the most beautiful and iconic structures in Pecos.

The Pecos National Historical Park is located off Interstate 25 in Northern New Mexico. You can reach it within a half-hour from Santa Fe or Albuquerque. There are several hotels and dining options in the town itself. You’ll be amazed by the incredibly scenic nature of this town. You’ll be glad you stopped by for a visit. The town is also an ideal location for hiking and horseback riding.

Pecos overlooks the Rio Grande Valley and is situated in mountains. This area was originally inhabited by the Ancestral Pueblo. The native Pueblo people lived here and used the rich farm land and two rivers to form a civilization. The city had a walled city and several houses, and archeologists estimate there were up to a thousand people living there. Pecos was on a trade route, but eventually the Spanish colonists came and conquered the area.

Pecos Pueblo

Pecos Pueblo is a historic site in New Mexico. It is home to the Pecos National Historical Park, a United States National Park. It is located in San Miguel County and Santa Fe County. Pecos Pueblo is a popular tourist destination because of its many attractions.

Visit the Pecos Pueblo Museum and learn about the history of this unique town. It was a crossroads for many cultures. The museum has self-guided tours and Ranger-led tours. Pecos is also home to the Spanish church, which is the largest structure on the site.

The Pecos Visitors Center features a 12 minute video introduction to the history of the Pecos Pueblo. The film is narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Greer Garson. There are also several exhibits in the museum, which showcase Ancestral Pueblo pottery, Spanish Conquistador swords, and Civil War artillery.

Pecos Pueblo is located in the mountains above the Rio Grande Valley. Ancestral Pueblos settled the area, utilizing the two rivers and good farm land. These ancient people developed a civilisation in the region, complete with homes and a walled city. Archeologists estimate that there were as many as 1,000 people living in the area. This area was likely a trading center, but it was not until the 1500s that Spanish Conquistadors conquered the area.

Pecos Pueblo is an ancient site with more than 20 kivas. Kivas are circular rooms where ancient people performed religious rituals. Visitors can climb a wooden ladder to see the kivas.


Pecos River fishing is excellent for both brown and rainbow trout. The fishing is good from April to September, although late Summer can be tricky due to runoff. However, it’s a great place to fish year round. The river is home to a healthy population of mayflies, caddisflies, and stoneflies. Fishing in the river is not difficult – you can wear hip boots or felt soled shoes and get right into the river.

In addition to a fishing vest, make sure to bring an extra line, sunscreen, lip balm, drinking water, and an extra layer of clothing for cooler weather. While fishing, be sure to wash your fishing gear thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. If the gear gets muddy or clogged, soak it in 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes. Then, let it air dry before you use it again.

Pecos River fishing is an excellent way to experience this beautiful, wild part of New Mexico. The Pecos River runs through Pecos Wilderness Area, which is known for its vast watershed. The river has several canyon stretches and is a prime habitat for trout. It has a variety of trout species, including rainbow trout and brown trout. The river is also home to Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

The Pecos River is one of New Mexico’s most popular fishing destinations. Since it opened, it has experienced a surge in fishing activity. Despite the high-volume of visitors, the fishing is still great. However, colder temperatures and rain have affected the fishing activity. To make the most of your fishing experience, plan to fish during the late afternoon hours.

Ranger-led tours

One of the best things to do while visiting Pecos, New Mexico is to take a ranger-led tour of the historic park. This site is home to many Native American sites and cultural remains. It’s also a place where you can learn about the Spanish and Civil wars. In addition to guided tours, you can take a self-guided trail and explore the park’s visitor center. It has a bookstore, museum, and seating area.

Pecos National Historical Park has two Civil War sites that you can tour and learn about. At Apache Canyon, also known as Canoncito, you can view the final battle where the Texans were forced to withdraw after losing supplies. The other battlefield in Pecos, the Battle of Glorieta Pass, ended the Confederate’s attempt to seize Federal supplies from Fort Union and their plans to invade Colorado. You can visit Kozlowski’s Ranch, which was a Union field headquarters during the battle. Most of the Glorietta Battlefield is privately owned.

Pecos National Historical Park also offers a Junior Ranger program. Upon completion, you’ll receive a booklet with activities. If you complete the activities, you’ll earn a Junior Ranger badge. You can also choose to take a hike around the park, which will take you about 30 minutes, depending on your age.

The Pecos National Historical Park offers several hiking trails, which are self-guided. You can also visit a historic pueblo or explore a mission church. However, you’ll need to bring plenty of water, and you shouldn’t leave your pet in your car.

Recreational activities

There are many recreational activities in PECOS, New Mexico. The region’s unique ecosystem and watershed make it an excellent destination for outdoor recreation. The area is home to national forest and Wilderness Areas, as well as a Dalton Fishing/Day Use Area. Hiking, mountain biking, and fishing are just a few of the activities available to tourists in the area. Lodging is also available depending on your needs.

The Pecos River within Pecos National Historical Park is open to fishing on certain days of the year. However, visitors should follow state regulations for fishing, which are enforced by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Those who wish to fish must purchase a fishing license from the state.

Pecos is a scenic town in the mountains, located near a 16th century mission. There are numerous outdoor activities available, and you can also enjoy visiting the area’s art studios. The town also offers cabin rentals and is home to several dozens of species of birds.

Those interested in history can visit Pecos National Historical Park, which is comprised of several noncontiguous units. The main unit preserves the ruins of Pecos (Ciquique) Publo, which was one of two dozen rock-and-mud villages built in the valley around AD 1100. This fourth-century pueblo once housed over 2,000 people. Additionally, the Pecos National Historic Park protects the remains of a Spanish mission that once stood near the pueblo.

There are numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, and camping in PECOS, New Mexico. Camping is located near Pecos National Forest, which contains the Pecos Wilderness. The Pecos River is home to excellent fishing. You can also enjoy a scenic drive along NM Route 63. During the summer months, you can stop by one of the many swimming holes in the area.