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West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, is a borough located in Allegheny County. The population was 20,313 at the 2010 census. You can find the borough just southeast of Pittsburgh. There are a number of places to eat and things to see in the town.

11 hidden gems

West Mifflin is a quaint and charming town that’s filled with surprises. You’ll find the town’s most famous landmark, Independence Hall, as well as scores of lesser-known attractions. From Victorian-era museums to burning ghost towns, Pennsylvania has plenty to offer tourists.


Museums in West Millin, Pennsylvania include the Roberto Clemente Museum, which features memorabilia of late baseball star Roberto Clemente. In addition, the Lenape Indian Tribe Museum highlights the culture and early history of the Lenape Indian people. The museum also features paintings by artist Randy Gilson. Mary Merritt Doll and Early Childhood Museum closed in 2005, but the Roberto Clemente Museum remains open year-round for visitors.


The Millikin neighborhood in West Millikin, Pennsylvania, is home to over 2,200 residents. There are four schools and countless businesses, but what makes the neighborhood so special is the 47-acre Millikin Woods Park. Residents of the area are encouraged to gather here and form strong bonds.

The area was initially settled by the Catholic Church, which purchased a small section of land. The old schoolhouse was demolished, and Calvary Cemetery was established in its place. Then, in 1868, James Millikin purchased 16 acres of land in the town. This land was located east of Fairview Avenue and between the Wabash Railroad tracks and the athletic field.

The Millikin Gymnasium once served as a high school sports center. Its elevated running track and basketball court can be seen in the photo. Some residents have heard ghost stories about this gym, and its past use as a dance hall. The theater department also put up sets in the gym.

The Millikin wetlands absorb much of the rain that falls in the area. Much of it heads to Lake Erie, but it sometimes overflows into basements. In a town like West Millikin, it makes sense to protect the wetlands and preserve them for future generations.

In the nineteenth century, the millikin family owned a flock of sheep. The millikin family pushed him towards a career in medicine, but Millikin had other plans. He wanted to become a businessman instead. In 1849, he travelled to the western states to find a better life.


If you are looking for a good time shopping in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, you will be happy to find several outlets to visit. For example, you can visit the nearby Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, which is relocating to West Mifflin. This nonprofit organization is growing its retail presence to generate more revenue for its mission programs and services. It has previously opened stores in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, and Westover, West Virginia.