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If you’ve ever wanted to sing about wine, this article is for you. This list features songs by many famous artists, including Led Zeppelin’s “Cherry Wine” and The Eagles’ “Hotel California.” It also includes songs by Eric Clapton, Elton John, The Who, and Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett.

Hozier’s Cherry Wine

In February 2016, Hozier released a video for his song “Cherry Wine” to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The track is a love song with a delicate melody, heavy on acoustic guitar. The video portrays a couple celebrating a romantic Valentine’s Day. In one scene, the woman is seen taking off her makeup, while in another, the couple is seen drinking.

The video is a fitting accompaniment to Hozier’s track, and it also promotes the important message of speaking out against domestic abuse. It also supports the wider #FaceUpToDomesticViolence campaign. In addition, the music video features a beautiful, intimate performance from the artist.

“Cherry Wine” is a song by Irish singer-songwriter Hozier. The track was released as part of Hozier’s self-titled debut album, which raised funds for domestic violence charities. The video recreates the relaxed feel of the recording session, which took place on the rooftop of an abandoned hotel. The song’s video features Hozier’s signature beard and rumpled hair.

The video features Saoirse Ronan. The music video is one of the most beautiful of the Irish singer’s career. It is both emotional and uplifting. The song’s lyrics, “Cherry Wine,” addresses the issue of domestic abuse and the importance of preventing it. To that end, Hozier has donated the proceeds of his single downloads to domestic violence charities around the world.

April Wine’s rocker

April Wine’s rocker song about wine has been considered one of her greatest hits. This hard rocking song was written by Myles Goodwyn in 1976 but was not recorded until 1978. It was released as a single from the band’s album of the same name and became their biggest hit. The lyrics tell the story of an upper class traveler who falls in love with a rich woman. The song is written in a rock style and describes the pain and loneliness of unrequited love.

The rock group has released ten albums and a number of singles. Their rock music is pure rock and roll. They have energy and exuberance on par with Foreigner and Journey. While they were not as famous as they are now, their ballads were popular enough to play at high school dances and are still regularly played on Canadian radio. April Wine’s music has been featured in numerous compilations and continues to be a popular choice for fans.

The band started in Waverley, Nova Scotia, in 1969 and moved to Montreal in the early 1970s. The original lineup included Myles Goodwyn, David Henman on guitar, cousin Jimmy Henman on bass, and Ritchie Henman on drums. April Wine’s first album, April Wine, was released in 1971 and received steady airplay in Canada.

Johnny Cash’s 1972 song “Melva’s Wine”

Melva’s Wine is a song by Johnny Cash. It is featured on his 1972 album, A Thing Called Love. The song has a duration of 02:48. It is sung by Cash himself. It is very simple, but it carries a powerful message.

It is a beautiful tribute to Jesus. The gospel piano backing makes it stand out from similar Cash tunes. It is also a good example of how Cash can stretch his voice to its maximum. It is also a classic. If you’ve never heard “Melva’s Wine,” you need to check it out.

The song is one of Cash’s most beloved songs. His 1970 album A Thing Called Love shows off his versatility and his penchant for character-driven lyrics. It contains the title track, which was written by Jerry Reed, and features the Evangel Temple Choir. The album leans toward portraits of the American South, but there’s a strong spiritual undercurrent.

Adam Sandler’s “Daddy Don’t Get Drunk On Christmas Day”

“Daddy Don’t Get Drunk OnChristmas Day” is a classic holiday song written by Adam Sandler. Although it refers to wine and Christmas, the song is not entirely about it. Western culture loves holiday music, and this one has both.

Abel Tesfaye’s “Shot For Me”

‘Shot For Me’ is a song by Canadian recording artist Drake. It is the second track on the album Take Care (2011). The song is written by Aubrey Graham and produced by 40. It features a sassy falsetto and a tone that’s reminiscent of silk sheets.

“Shot For Me” marks the first time that Drake and The Weeknd have collaborated on a song. Unlike other tracks on the album, Tesfaye is listed as a co-writer. This is significant, as the singer gave up half his House Of Balloons project to work with Drake. In addition to bringing his vocals to a higher register, Drake introduces sing-raps that are distinctly Drizzyan. As a result, the track successfully represents the talents of both writers.

‘Shot For Me’ combines Tesfaye’s distinctive voice with robotic effects and Auto-Tune effects. The resulting sound is eerie and disquieting. It is the work of an artist with a knack for a tune and musical invention. While Tesfaye may not be a singer per se, he certainly has the talent and ability to create memorable music.

Hozier’s “Just Between You And Me”

In the song “Just Between You And Me”, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier addresses the reality of abuse in relationships. The song’s lyrics call for victims to stand up and speak out against the abuse. Victims of abuse often rationalize their actions and defend their perpetrators. Hozier’s message is one of courage and strength.

Sam Beam’s “God of Wine”

The title of Sam Beam’s debut album is a reversal of the title of his first album, which he released in 1999. His first album was lo-fi and intimate, with vocals sung over acoustic guitar. He believed that loud noises could disturb his listeners. As a result, he wrote his songs with an acoustic guitar and recorded them at home.

Beam escaped Hurricane Katrina by moving to Texas’ Hill Country. Though he didn’t have to leave his hometown, he bought a 10-acre ranch in Dripping Springs. While there, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a musician.

His next album, “God of Wine,” was released in March 2005. The album showcased the sound of iron & wine, but also contained some jazz influences. Beam, who is a member of Iron & Wine, co-produced the album. He also contributed backing vocals to Chadwick Stokes’ 2015 album, The Horse Comanche.

The album opens with a song reminiscent of collegiate hits, “Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car.” The song builds on a hushed guitar line, reminiscent of In the Reins. The song is dense with imagery, beginning as a breakup song before evolving into a meditation on religion and alcoholism.