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The love of wine has inspired numerous artists and musicians to write songs about it. This list of songs about wine is an eclectic mix of alcohol-inspired music. From country stars to rap groups to hard rockers Cream, you’re sure to find a song to savor on this list! If you love music, you’ll love these top songs about wine. But how do you choose which ones to listen to?

Rock song about saving a loved one from alcoholism

This rock song speaks to the difficult issues associated with substance abuse. It touches on the often-glamorized life of rock stars, and highlights the dark side of fame and fortune. It highlights the relationship between fame and addiction, and how these are connected. Many people associate fame with abuse and addiction. This song highlights the importance of understanding one’s own role in the battle against addiction.

The song narrates the story of the son of an alcoholic, and the impact that the disease has on his life. The father of the protagonist passes out at work one day, and the young boy is left at home without receiving his high school diploma. The narrator vows never to subject his children to such trauma again.

Another Rock song about saving a loved one from addiction is “Wasted.” Lyrics in this song describe a man’s attempts to recover from his addiction. After drinking for so long, he finds it difficult to focus on anything else. But he does find solace in his girlfriend, and she helps him see the light.

This rock song also evokes the power of choice. The lyrics describe life in addiction as “dark,” “unknown,” and “rock bottom.” This song is the perfect choice to encourage a person to make the change to save a loved one from addiction.

Song by Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith’s song “Song about wine” is about the bittersweet relationship between wine and music. The lyrics are as witty and honest as the music. The song was written in 1995 while Smith was promoting his self-titled debut album. It was recorded in Portland, Oregon with the help of a backing band called Quasi.

Smith has been criticized for using alcohol and drugs in his songs. Although alcohol and drugs are legal, he doesn’t really think they are interesting topics for a song. However, his new single is a nice break from this pattern and is a very enjoyable song. Stream it to hear it in its entirety below.

The song is about a winery in Provence. The song was written by Smith after he and his wife went on a vacation. They were on their way to a winery when they were stopped in traffic. Elliott Smith’s music has been interpreted as romantic and sarcastic, yet poignant and heartbreaking. The lyrics reflect the pain and suffering that the couple endured together.

Smith is regarded as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our generation. But his success broke him down and he suffered bouts of alcoholism. Often times, he would perform three songs in a row, but would be forced off the stage in tears. However, his music has influenced many artists today. Several musicians, including Iron & Wine and The Decemberists, are inspired by his songs.

Song by Lana Del Rey

The song “Summer Wine” by Lana Del Rey is a beautiful and romantic song about wine. The lyrics are about fine dining and romantic encounters, two topics that are commonly associated with wine. Although the singer is known for many influences, this track is distinctly her own. It’s a catchy and fun song that will make you want to share it with your friends and family.

Lana Del Rey has also covered the classic “Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra. Her rendition is faithful to the original, with sepia-toned video and dusky vocals. It’s a fun cover, and deserves a wider audience than it’s received so far. It is also worthy of an album in the American Recordings style.

The original version of this song was originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. It reached the Top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967, and was No. 14 in Australia. It was later covered by Claude Valade and Robert Demontigny, and was published on Barrie-James O’Neill’s official YouTube page. The video shows Del Rey singing the song with O’Neill in a backyard.

Song by Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley’s song Lilac Wine is a rousing, sassy tribute to his favorite drink. First introduced to theater audiences in a short-lived musical revue, the song has been recorded by a variety of artists over the years. If you are unfamiliar with this classic, it was written in 1950 by James Shelton and introduced by Hope Foye.

Originally recorded by the late Jim Shelton, the song has undergone several different interpretations throughout the years. Nina Simone first recorded the song on her Wild Is the Wind album in 1966, and Elkie Brooks covered it on her solo career in 1977. In 1994, Jeff Buckley recorded a version of the song on his Grace album, and Katie Melua covered it on her Call Off the Search album in 2003.

Jeff Buckley’s voice is remarkably versatile, and could easily be used in opera, gospel, and gentle ballads. His melisma helped him to deliver lyrically-laden phrases with delicately crafted phrasing. However, the title track could have used a bit more care and attention.