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Truffle salts aren’t only for winter, although that’s when they’re most often enjoyed. They’re also a great snack food. Any time of the year is a great time to indulge in truffle salts. In fact, truffle season never goes out of style. But where do you get them?

truffle salts

Truffle salt is available in many different forms. While most regular truffle salts contain 95% pure sea salt mixed with 5% black truffle salt, and contain no calories, carbohydrates, or protein per serving, there are two varieties you can purchase. The most expensive variety contains organic minerals and trace minerals like feldspars as well as other exotic ingredients. The less expensive variety does not have as much organic or trace mineral content. However, either variety is pretty fantastic for snacking.

When shopping for the best truffle salt, look for the brand that uses the best ingredients. All good brands should include ingredients like clove oil, lemon, oregano, cinnamon, vanilla, nuts, rosemary, allspice, ginger, and lemon peel. You should never buy white truffle salts in the healthiest way possible. White sugar, corn flour, white vinegar, and hydrogenated vegetable oil are bad ingredients.

When looking for the healthiest forms of salt for snacks and for baking, look for the “ultra-fine” varieties which have zero sodium, none of the unhealthy fillers, and most importantly, none of the chemicals and additives commonly found in regular table salt. The best ingredient for making these little balls of heaven is called unrefined sea salt. Sea salt has no additives, no chemicals, and no sodium; this means it’s the very best truffle salt on the market.

If you need a sweet treat to top off a pasta dish, you can’t go wrong with a truffle balsamic sauce. This delicious sauce is made with truffle juice, mayonnaise, garlic, rosewater, and balsamic vinegar. It goes great on pastas and chicken dishes, is very easy to make, and is an ingredient in many recipes. In fact, the famous French chef, Thomas Keller, incorporated the piquant sauce in one of his famous recipes. To add some piquancy to your next pasta creation, substitute the mushrooms and cheese in your tomato soup recipe or use a fresh rind from the truffle.

If you’re looking for an appetizer that is healthy and easy to make, try a truffle oil. These little gems are made by applying pure, white, natural oil from real truffles to food. They are healthy, fast, and taste great. Because they are made from real truffles instead of chemical additives, you can feel free to have as much truffle oil as you like. Be sure to make sure though that the oil isn’t flavored with salt, sugar, or additional preservatives.

Truffle salt has been around for centuries and was actually first used as a seasoning for meats in France long before America got involved in the global marketplace. Americans just took it and made it their own. Unfortunately, we seem to be consumed with trying to find the best ways to make our foods healthier, yet this seasoning seems to be elusive. It is easy to make however, so why not give it a try? Unlike many other seasoning salts, truffle salts can actually be added to foods right after they are cooked. That means you will get more of the unique flavor of this salty treat.

Now that you know how truffle salt works and how to use it, you may want to continue learning more about the other interesting facts about truffles. Do you know that truffles contain a higher than average amount of Vitamin A? This is because truffles contain linolenic acid which is similar in structure to the skin’s sebum. If you happen to like eating mushrooms, chances are you love truffles. The same applies to those who like to eat beef or fish – chances are you love truffles too.